As you may know, Covid 19 is treated as the most dangerous disease nowadays that has been affecting all aspects of life, let alone sport events. Many international tournament relating to sports has been delayed until later notice due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Snooker’s 2020 World championship also be putted off to protect all players from this virus. World snooker has announced that the beginning plan which would take place in April 18 in Sheffield will be switched to July 31 or the beginning of August.

More official information will be announced when the organizers of this event has careful consult with each other. All of us are waiting feedback from other broadcasters and hope that the final decision will be suitable with the current condition now. For people who had bought the tickets before can easily transferred and make sure that they don’t lost their money due to the postponement of this event.

WST Chairman Barry Hearn shared his thinking in an interview that: “ All we know that this is such a hard time for all nations around the world. We must learn to accept and overcome it under any circumstances. Fans as well as our players are worrying that this sport event will not be held. But I make sure that the organizers will have suitable plan to face up to this matter. We will confirm new dates as soon as possible”. “ In these Covid 19 days, we can’t do anything to earn a living and there is an economic crisis on global. Our players want to participate in the event so we think we should have responsibility with them”.

“ We hope that the tournament will be overwhelmed with full crowd at the stages who can give us the big encouragement to hold the best. This world championship has many meanings with fans who have created their gold tickets, especially people of Sheffield. The councillor Mary Lea at Sheffield city said :” The world snooker championship is treated as one of the most important highlights of the city every year. It is the thing that all citizens proud of and put their expectations in it. Although many of events have to be postponed but we should follow the request of government in order to make this virus under control.