Having been known as an interest for men only for such a long time, Snooker nowadays is becoming more and more popular with all walks of life. Not just men but women are also performing well in it. Following to this “ hot Women “ series, you may surprise at these 5 beautiful snooker players from all over the world !

  1. Kim Ga Young ( Korea )

She is one of the most outstanding players in Korea nowadays. The first time Young has taken up this sport was in the age of 12. Up to now, she has such considerable experience with 16 years competing in various tournaments around the world. She is the professional pool player and becomes a member of Women’s Professional Billiard Association Tour (WPBA).

With her special talent of 9-ball pool, she has won an endless number of world titles in her career. Besides, many fans have strong impression with this “ Little Devil Girl “ because of her attractive appearance. Instead of traditional uniform, Kim usually chooses jumpers or Wraparound dresses to help her stand out whenever she turns up. She has perfect body measurements with a height of 170cm, which is also thing that she prides of. 

  1. Srong Pheavy ( Cambodia )

She was born in Korea in 1990, but in reality, she is a citizen of Cambodia. Many people love her talent as well as her beautiful face. Therefore, Srong got her nickname as “ Queen of Billiard ” and it stuck for the rest of her life. 

What’s more, the thing that make her stand out among other snooker players is genuine ability. She turned into a professional player and became the champion for National tournaments. After winning the Woman’ tournament at the 2018 ZANCA, she has earned 12 million won for her 10 excellent matches. Apart from a best player, she also established her reputation as an MC, commentator, examiner in professional tournaments. 

  1. Pan Xiaoting ( China)

She is one of the most famous person in this game. She is the first chinese woman to play full- time in WPBA Tour, and has nickname as “ Queen of nine- ball”. Pan has a list of remarkable achievements, especially the gold medal in 2010 Asiad in China.

In the age of 37, she still has youthful appearance and attracts many people looking at her. Because of this, Pan also join some game shows and works as a photographic model. 

  1. Cha yu ram ( Korea )

Before turning a pro in billiard, she gave a try in tennis but it seemed difficult to achieve the success. Hence, in 2008, she officially tried out this game and established her reputation as a professional player. In 2009, she won gold medal in Asian indoor games in Vietnam.She married famous writer Lee Ji Sung and had one cute baby. After such a long time stopping her career to take care of the family, she is now ready to play for some big tournaments.

  1. Anastasia Luppova ( Russia) 

Born in a family that have deep-rooted tradition in billiard, she soon showed up her outstanding talent when she was just a little girl. She has the two times European champion in Russian Pyramid and be known as a Russian master of sports. Apart from playing snooker well, she also has special gift for musical instruments such as piano, guitar,…

According to Wonderlist Magazine of England, She is one of top 10 most attractive female snooker player in the world. In the age of 34, she doesn’t turn up in any tournaments but now works as a trainer of snooker.