As the beginning plan, championship league snooker will be held in next week and hundreds odd people are preparing to make a remarkable comeback this year. But according to the thinking of anthony hamilton, this event cannot take place on time due to some disadvantaging conditions right now. Because of the rapid spread of Covid 19, all activities have to be postponed to protect people from Coronavirus. 64 players will take part in the championship league and both of coaches as well as players are tested for coronavirus to enter the stadium. 

Hamilton says that he feel very impressive with the way that WST chairman Barry Hearn do to create a safety environment. Therefore, players may have a good spirit to try their best in competition and for people who go to stadium to encourage their idols, health will be saved in these Covid 19 days. He still thinks that lockdown should be respected rather than eliminating it. “ I think it is too soon for championship league snooker to come back right now. We should be in quarantine for few weeks, few months or even more safely, when the dangerous pandemic is out. All we have to do is protecting ourself as well as people around you so that we can overcome this virus as quick as possible. 

“ I am very surprised for what Barry has done. He is treated as the most genius player of all the time. Thanks to his determination as well as the extraordinary talent, he has opportunity to get sports on the TV instead of sport at home. I had received an email which informed all news about the event: The way to test for coronavirus, how players and coaches will be cut off and even how safety the environment will be if the competition is held. I feel very happy and assured when reading these information.

“ This make me think a lot. In my age I don’t want to take part in any competitions or international tournaments. There is no ranking lists and no encouragement for me to compete with other opponents. I myself feel that I should be more responsible with the position I am in now.” 

Like many other snooker players, Hamilton has unforgettable memories with the game that change his all life. It may be the one make him feel depressed and also being the thing that he always proud of when it comes to his great passion in life. “ In my mind, the game is my life. Sometimes I say I don’t love it, but in fact. it is more than anything else which help me to turn into a new leaf. “