Becoming A Snooker Player

If people want to become a snooker pro, there are several important things they need to be aware of. This includes the type of work it entails, the pay and what personal qualities are required. Professional players make their money from tournaments. Snooker is a sport of precision and tactics.


A successful player will need to have a lot of dedication and self discipline. Perseverance and a competitive mind are essential. During snooker games they will be put under a considerable amount of stress. If a player cannot handle this then they will struggle in the sporting community.

Hand eye coordination is key. Snooker games can last for long periods of time. Therefore players need to have an exceptional attention span. However, the most important attribute is talent at the sport itself. Being a great snooker player will usually take years of training.


Snooker players have an irregular income. Any person interested in becoming a pro should be aware that the job is financially riskier than one with a secure salary. The exact money attained through snooker will depend on a number of factors. This includes sponsorship deals, prize money and tournament types.

Many players attain additional income by getting a company to sponsor them. This is because there is no guarantee of winning when they compete. By endorsing products and appearing in advertisements they will have a secure amount of income. The best players can earn hundreds of thousands of pounds from tournament wins. However, the majority earn so little that they need a secondary job to supplement their income.


Smaller league players will sometimes play games where they bet on themselves to win. This is risky as it could lead to them actually losing money. It is also important that players understand the gambling laws where they live so that they do not break them.