Christian Rudolph – A German Carom Billiards player and his process of getting over Covid 19

This famous player is now in the age of 55 and very well-known for his extraordinary talent in snooker. He is multiple world champion of three – carom billiards in 1996 and has been awarded many other valuable prizes. For about 10 days ago, he was seriously affected by Covid 19- an dangerous disease around the world, but now he is feeling more comfortable and getting out of worse symptoms.

Rudolph shared his feeling in a recent interview : “ I am now not very well and still have the cough ”. It seem to be the most terrible moment when he had to be in his bed all day for consecutively 5 days. Not only his health but he also worries about other people who had met him because this is contagious disease. “ I want to give an advice to all who are looking down on this virus”. After being looked after carefully by the doctors, he now can get out of his bed and becomes more healthier but still in quarantine. “ We have to be at home in order to protect other people from suffering Covid 19. The view in front of our house is very nice which helps us feel more comfortable every day. I make use of this free time to watch TV but it’s more perfect if there is a billiards table of mine.”

He remembers his activities ten days ago on March, 13th 2020 when there were some basic symptoms of Covid 19: “ At that time, I participated in three-carom match and one player catched a cold. I might be affect by Covid 19 immediately. In the beginning I had cough but I didn’t care because i thought it might be a cold. However, everything was becoming more serious when I had difficulties in breathing. I couldn’t believe that I had positive test of Covid 19 because I always washed my hands carefully and didn’t give any handshakes to someone.”

He want to say thanks  all doctors as well as nurses for taking care of both he and his girlfriend during the quarantine period. Besides, he gives an advice to all people that : “ We feel very lucky because our nation have proper methods to protect all citizens from Covid 19. We have to try our best for our live under any circumstance. Therefore, please stay at home so that you can help yourself as well as others control this dangerous virus”.- Rudolph shared his thought.