England professional player Judd Trump denied the idea of playing snookers behind the closed doors

The Snooker World Championship is one of the most prestigious champion for worldwide professional snookers. However, all sports tournaments as well as championship are on the risk of being delayed under the threat of dangerous Corona virus, snookers is of no exception. The World Snooker Championship Organization Department has decided to postpone it’s champion until either July or August and hopefully this rearrangement will successfully come true. Before the outbreak of Covid-19, The Snooker World Championship was scheduled to take place in April. 

Being rearranged, however, no one knows exactly when this tournament will be able to continue again as the virus condition is getting more complex than ever. There have been many recommendations for live, streaming darts plays in which there is no spectators, no crowds (hotbed for the large spreading of dangerous virus). This alternative plan, to them, can get the tournament completed in a timely fashion. 


However, when it comes to professional darts players, this idea is not approved and supported. To be more specific, the snooker reigning world champion Judd Trump has shown his great disapproval of holding darts plays behind the closed doors as the event, The World Snooker Championship is of a few events that is absolutely in need of crowds.


”The Crucible would be one of the exceptions where you need to have a crowd, that’s what makes that so special, having the crowds,’ Trump said on his recent Instagram Live with Stephen Hendry. ‘You can play so bad there, you can’t play like that anywhere else, you can just collapse at the Crucible.”


Judd Trump confided that to most of players, snookers matches are not only about competition and skills but also the special atmosphere which is created by the crowd behind professional players.