Famous Snooker Matches

Throughout the history of snooker there have been matches so exciting that they are hard to forget. Often they would pit two of the best players against each other. This would have made it hard for gamblers to know who to bet on as both would have had good odds.

Jimmy White Against Alex Higgins, 1982 World Championship

Played at the famous Crucible, this match was stunning due to the differing styles of each player. The young White brought a new, aggressive flair to the game. Meanwhile, Higgins refused to let up and was very methodical in his potting. The performance by Higgins during the penultimate frame stands out in particular. At the time it would have been hard for bookies to predict a winner.

Dennis Taylor Against Steve Davis, 1985 World Snooker Final

This game would likely have been tense even to viewers who had not placed a bet on it. It lasted past midnight and featured some very tactical moves from both players. Taylor and Davis went through 35 frames which culminated in an amazing win by Taylor.

Jimmy White Against Stephen Hendry, 1994 World Snooker Final

This game was neck and neck as neither player could push past 2 frames in front of their opponent. After a 17-17 score, it all rested on a frame decider. The evenly matched talents of both players may have frustrated gamblers at the time. Eventually White missed a black, allowing Hendry to take the win.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Against Stephen Hendry, 1997 Charity Challenge

Due to the non ranking nature of this event it would have likely gone under the radar of most bookies. Despite this, it is remembered by viewers as a very exciting match. It pitted Hendry and O’Sullivan against each other when they were at the height of their powers. Hendry won the final frame despite losing the previous 6.