Famous Snooker Players

When it comes to sports gambling it is smart to bet on a player who is famous for their numerous wins. There are several snooker players who have proven their skills over the years. Gambling is unpredictable and sometimes even the best competitors can lose. Despite this, former champions will still have a higher probability (and therefore better betting odds) of winning.

Ronnie O’Sullivan

O’Sullivan is regarded as one of the best snooker players of all time. His achievements have led to him being given an OBE. He first emerged as a pro in 1992. O’Sullivan has attained the coveted triple crown. This is when players manage to win the three biggest championship events: the World Championship, UK Championship and Masters. Betting sites tend to give him very high chances of winning games.

Mark Williams

This Welsh player has become World Champion 3 times. Williams has been called the “Welsh Potting Machine” by sports pundits. However, he is also one of the older current pro snooker players. This could affect his betting odds. Furthermore, between 2011 and 2017 he did not win any championships. Gamblers will have to decide whether these factors are worth the risk of betting on him.

Neil Robertson

Robertson turned pro in 2006. He became the winner of the 2010 World Championship and was hailed as the number one world player that same year. He is the only player from Australia to win a ranking tournament. His reputation as a break-builder makes Robertson an ideal player to bet on.

John Higgins

Higgins is the winner of 30 ranking tournaments, as well as a four time world champion. He has had one of the most successful careers of any snooker player. However, in recent years his skill level has become unpredictable. This makes him a risky bet.