Football, boxing, racing, snooker online – all sport in one place

On the Sport SA website, you will find not only news of football, boxing, basketball and other popular competitions.

It pays attention to disciplines that are relatively rare on television screens. For example, billiards. Many people are puzzled how you can watch snooker for hours online: minimum speakers, frequent pauses, not always understandable blows – it’s boring! But in fact, it is one of the most exciting “static” games.

Naturally, to enjoy the viewing, you need to know the rules. The basic tenets are simple:

Initially, there are 6 colored and 15 red balls on the table;

blows are struck by a white ball (cue);

Colored and red balls score in turn, the first return to the table until all the red ones leave;

for each hit in the pocket accrue points – from 1 to 7, depending on the color.

Other nuances can be assimilated as you dive into the process. Watching snooker online is very interesting. It’s not just about spectacular hits and episodes. It’s also an intellectual game. The participant is not just aiming for the pockets. Each time, it determines how the cues should roll back to optimally continue the series, and takes into account the risks in case of a miss. It is always interesting to understand the idea of the master and see its brilliant embodiment.

Big tennis – speed, dynamics, drive This section of the site Sport SA is much more popular. This is not surprising, because tennis is actively watched all over the world. By the way, he has something in common with snooker. Officially, the game appeared in the mid-70s of the last century. The ancestor is considered to be a British officer – Major Walter Wingfield. Snooker was invented around the same time and was also created by a military man from Misty Albion.

However, this similarity is limited. News of tennis is interested in people who appreciate the dynamics and speed of the game, the full physical impact of the participants. The Grand Slam tournaments held in Australia, France, England and the USA cause a special excitement of spectators. The most recent competitions were won by Swiss Roger Federer among men and Australian Margaret Court among women.

Formula 1 – for those who like speed If not enough speeds demonstrated on tennis courts, we recommend paying attention to the competition of the best riders on the planet. In the Formula 1 section, broadcasts and reviews of competitions, interviews with participants and the latest news are always available. Even people who have never in their lives got behind the wheel of a car, with pleasure watch the vicissitudes of the struggle on the elite race tracks of the world.

All sports are different, but each of them deserves attention. Although football, boxing, hockey or Formula 1 ratings are much higher than those of the same billiards, but watching the competitions of virtuosos Kiya is no less exciting. Choose what you like and enjoy the sporting process.