If you have a great interest in snooker, you may know about some famous snooker players around the world. John Higgins is one of the most extraordinary participants who has been awarded many valuable prizes throughout his career. Since he established himself as a professional in this sport, he made a great impression with spectators around the world when he became the World snooker champion and many other famous competitions. John looked back to his past and felt very proud of himself because he has tried his best to pursue the dream. 

In a recent interview, John Higgins shared his thinking about what he has done to own the achievements: “ I think that World Snooker Championship plays an important role in my life. Thanks to it, I can find out my own talent and believe in myself more than before. I want to support other players to pursue their own dream and never give up if there are any difficulties.”

The 45-year-old player has an intention to take part in the 2020 World snooker championship. If he is the winner this year, he will be the first player to gain consecutive four world titles in his career. “ I should think carefully about this decision whether I can participate in this competition or not.” Higgins admitted that he has a great interest in snooker and that is the reason why he always makes great effort to become the official member in almost all competitions around the world. 

The Wizard of Wishaw has had an unsuccessful season because he expected too much on himself. He wanted to gain the title at World Cup alongside Stephen Maguire for Scotland. “ I want to give it a try again because this was the most memorable moment in my life. I want to break my own record some years before and I think it’s time I made great efforts to make my dream come true.”