Judd Trump is the winner of the Gibraltar Open 2020

In the final, Judd Trump defeated Kieren Wilson and won the sixth ranking title of the season, which no professional snooker player had managed to do before.

“ACE” continues to make history right before our eyes: on March 15, it surpassed O’sullivan, Selby, Hendry and Dean in the list of seasonal triumphants, receiving the Sixth Cup in the framework of the 2019-2020 starts (+ International Championship, World Open, Northern Ireland Open, German Masters and Players Championship). Unfortunately, for certain reasons, this significant event took place with empty stands and no well-deserved audience applause, but the fact remains that the current world champion continues to dominate snooker, and it is less and less likely that someone will be able to stop him at the remaining two tournaments of the season, including the competition in the Crucible. However, time will tell.

Despite the fact that the tournament in Gibraltar “tops” are selective, and this year many athletes refused to participate due to the situation with the coronavirus, the composition of the semi finals corresponded to the most serious estimates: trump met with Xiao, and Wilson – with Williams. Not every main tour tournament can boast such a sign at the final stage, but the Gibraltar Open 2020 was able to please the audience at the screens with interesting battles and high-quality snooker.

The decisive match turned out to be both serial and persistent at the same time, despite the fact that the snooker players were playing their fourth match of the day. It all started with three centuries (115 for Wilson; 125 and 144 for trump, with the last break being the largest in the tournament). Then the struggle began. Kieran picked up the fourth and then the fifth. Players periodically began to make mistakes, which can be explained not only by the importance of the moment, but also by significant fatigue. Judd, understanding the significance of this match, though lagging behind, was in no hurry to give up. His incredible seriality came to his aid: he managed to even the score thanks to another hundred (123). This was the 97th ACE series of the season; Neil Robertson’s record set in the 2013-2014 season, 103 centuries, is just nothing left.

In “contre” there were mutual chances, but the leader of the world rating was stronger. For this performance, trump received 50 thousand pounds as the winner of the Gibraltar Open 2020, 150 thousand and a separate Cup as a special bonus for the player who performed best in the new European series, and 5 thousand for the top break. Wilson added 20 thousand pounds to his piggy Bank.

For the entire tournament in Gibraltar (7 fights to 4 wins), “Warrior” made 15 half – hundreds and 2 hundreds, on the account of “ACE” – 9 centuries and 15 breaks 50+.

Judd trump: “I had a chance to lead 3: 1, but then Kieren played better and got 3: 2 in his favor. I needed to calm down and keep playing. I am truly glad that I was able to cope with such pressure.”

“To win 6 ranking titles in a season is an amazing achievement. It’s great that we managed to break this record when we had the chance and continue our winning performance in the finals.”

“I knew what I had to do to get a prize of 150,000 pounds, so I came here and gave it my all. To be honest, I didn’t think about all this until the score was 3:3. I could potentially count on a substantial bonus, and this added to my nervousness. Kieren also had his own task-to get to the Tour Championship. So we both had a lot at stake.”