As you probably know, the rapid outbreak of Covid 19 has made an economic crisis around the world. Almost all of activities have been postponed until further notice to make sure that people will be protected from this dangerous disease. Some day ago, Snooker championship was held which was the first competition relating to sports that be taken place after Coronavirus began. The tournament attracted many people who have great passion for this sport to attend in stadium.

Luca Brecel made a remarkable performance in the final round when he competed with another famous player known as Ben Woollaston. Thanks to his special talent as well as good skills in playing snooker, he became the champion of this match which helped him to establish the reputation. The competition lasted for 11 days and there were more than 126 matches with 64 participants. Some potential players were judged to be awarded the highest prize such as Woollaston or Belgium’s Brecel.

Leicester’s Woollaston made great effort to gain his prize. He spent for about 2 weeks watching his passion for winning this tournament. Besides he had suitable timetable to practice snooker everyday in order to boost up his level. Thanks to the determination, Brecel slotted a red into corner which was a perfect break of 111 to the end of the match.

This might be the second valuable prize throughout his snooker career of the excellent player since the China Championship in 2017. Until November, he stopped working for Marshall Arena with total money of 30,000 euro. In the meantime, he applied for Champion of Champions at the same venue. “ When I felt depressed about something, I often keep confident to resolve the problem. But in this condition, I was very worried and didn’t know what to do.” Said of Brecel who won three and drew the other six.”

“ If you often update news about best snooker players, you may know Ben. He is such a good participant that members of other teams feel very stressed when competing with him. That frame was treated as an important role in my career because it could test my real talent in snooker. It was very difficult to pot the ball and achieving the prize was interesting. Being in the Champion of Champions created unforgettable memory for me and it was something that I always look back.”

In the upcoming tournament which will be broadcasted on ITV4 from June 20th to 26th, all players as well as coaches will be tested for Covid 19 to create a safe environment. In addition to this, they have to comply with measures that government has applied such as social distancing, washing hand,… Therefore, they can make a successful debut after the serious pandemic.