Pool Hustling in the Media

Pool is a cue game which undoubtedly shares some similarities with snooker. These two games are actually sometimes called “pocket billiards”. The subject of pool hustling has often appeared in a range of media including films, TV shows and video games. This is when a player makes money by betting on themselves to win. They will disguise their skill level to convince opponents that they are easily beatable.

The Colour Of Money

The Colour Of Money is one of the most famous films dealing with pool hustling. It is a sequel to The Hustler and was directed by Martin Scorsese. The movie continues the story of Fast Eddie, an ageing professional pool player. He helps a younger man called Vincent become more skilful at hustling.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

This sitcom follows a young man who lives with his wealthy aunt and uncle. In one episode he ends up in debt to a notorious pool hustler. Instead of paying the money, his uncle challenges the hustler to another game. If he wins, the debt is forgiven, but if he loses, then it will be doubled instead. It is revealed that the uncle is a former pool hustler himself and manages to gain victory with ease. He even has his own particular cue which he nicknames “Lucille”.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In this open-world video game players can enter bars and compete in pool matches with a hustler. They can make a wager between $50 and $1000 that they will win. After completing the pool game players get to keep the cue for later use. There are five hustlers scattered across the map to find. When players first engage with them, it can be challenging to win. However, once they have gotten enough practise, it becomes much more manageable.