If you often update some latest news about sports, you may know that Ronnie O’Sullivan created a new title in his career. He officially becomes the sixth world champion in the 2020 World Snooker championship some days ago who surpass Stephen Hendry’s record. He now establishes himself as a successful player that has remarkable milestones, world breaks and fans around the world. 

 O’Sullivan is a viral name that almost of sports lovers hear about and his current title may be a memorable moment in his career. We have known clearly about many winners in this interesting sport such as Hendry, Steve Davis or Ray Reardon,… They have to try their best and make a great effort to achieve the goal which takes a long time to do. 

Whenever he appears in a snooker tournament, fans from different nations witness such a breathtaking performance thanks to his best skills as well as full experience. Although he now at the age of 44, he still becomes famous and popular with all generations that no one can exceed this talented snooker player. He started realizing his ability when he was only 17 years old. Many people were surprised at his achievement as the youngest winner of a sporting event in the UK championship. 

Throughout his career, he has been awarded such a lot of valuable prizes such as 20 triple crowns or seven world titles. This can be treated as a deserved result in his continuous training that anyone who has a big dream of becoming a snooker master should learn. According to some professionals, we can not compare exactly who will be better between O’Sullivan and Hendry because each person has his own strength. When it comes to the number of medals in snooker competition, O’Sullivan has two more than what Hendry has gained in his career ( 18 total prizes from 1989 to 1999). 

Hendry became a professional snooker player when he was 16 years old after taking part in some small competitions in his school. Especially, the thing that made him impressive with spectators was his respective winning three famous tournaments in just one season – a world record that still stands today. He also achieves many other medals before deciding to retire at the age of 72.