Ronnie O’Sullivan is treated as one of the most professional snooker players around the world. Throughout his career, he has achieved such a lot of valuable prizes such as : ssix timess world champion, seven times Master champions, seven times UK champion,… He is a shining example for many sports lovers in different nations who can support and give advices for the younger generation in order to help them gain best results. He often works as an examiner who finds out some talented snooker players to give them a chance of participating in many big tournaments in the world.

In Sullivan’s point of view, Kyren Wilson and Louis Heathcote are two players that have ability to create special things in this match. Besides that, this famous player finds it hard to think about other talented snooker player who are expected to become the winner in some competitions. Rocket also the one that makes a good impression with spectators as well as coaches thanks to his great effort and best skills.


“ I have many chances to watch directly some games and I see that most of players do like amatures. It means that they don’t know how to show out their talent and they are so bad”. O’Sullivan shared his thinking in Crucible.  His saying has a meaningful purpose that he wants to encourage the snooker players to try their best for the upcoming tournaments. He hopes that in the future, the younger generation can prove that he is wrong by showing more ability in the main tours. 


“ Everyone in this competition can stand a chance of becoming the winner and has enough ability to compete with other opponents. They need to create a great time with their collegues while the game is happening to increase the team spirit. It is also a good way to kick off a successful match.” O’Sullivan added. “ We have to build up our own energy to make a good day, good month and good year. This is our main motivation to work.”