Ronnie O’Sullivan is treated as a professional English snooker player who makes a great impression with spectators around the world. Thanks to his great effort as well as skillful ability, he has gained a lot of valuable prizes throughout his career such as World champion, Master champion, Triple Crown Series,… Have you ever been curious about his personal life as well as his special strategy to succeed? Let’s take a quick look at this post below to understand clearly about it. 

Ronnie O’Sullivan announced in a recent interview that he would try his best to aim at snooker bosses by taking up this sport when he retires. He explained his desire: “ If they want to achieve something, they will never give up.” The Rocket stands a good chance of developing in the future after owning the sixth World Championship at Crucible and wants to be on a new level. 

He is now at the age of 44 which is a little bit old in comparison with some famous snooker players nowadays. However, he still becomes one of the most talented people in the history and known as the big motivation for sports lovers. Answering to the Blank Podcast about his future plan with snooker, he said: “ If I have a chance, I will become a mentor who can support young players or a coach when I decide to stop playing snooker.” 

“ I am not sure that I can do many things for snooker because my point of view about this sport is quite different from those who treat it as business.” Some players feel that they don’t have chance to join in international tournaments so that no much experience is gained. O’Sullivan is thought to be difficult to run the sport because he has different opinions with Barry Hearn – the header of WST for years. However, the snooker player promises to help young people when he has opportunity in the near future. 

“ I want to pass all my knowledge about snooker to anyone who needs it. If they call me and want to give advice to upgrade their skills, I will never say no to them. Sharring the experience is also a good way to learn new things and I am willing to help them solve the problems.” – Rocket added. 

“ When I am working as a professional snooker player, sharing my own strategy to others is impossible. But if I retire, I’d love to pass on to the younger players and hope that they will achieve what I have gained before. Besides, players should practice everyday to become master in snooker.”