Ronnie said to all people that he he didn’t want to see the snooker club for many reason. Some may think that he decided to retire from this sport and give a try in another aspect. However, the main purpose of this action is that he wants to pay attention much on more international tournaments instead. In the next couple of years, he has a big dream of taking part in many full-time competition in different nations around the world rather than numerous events that he has joined before. 

Not going to the club anymore is also a important thing to prove his high determination in achieving the great prizes in his career. He wants to develop himself by trying more difficult levels that others are doing. Only by this can him pursue his own passion for snooker. The 44 – year-old snooker player believe that by making acquaintance with match exercises and competing in more competition, he won’t have to go to the club anymore. 

In the Championship league which started in June, Ronnie made a remarkable performance with his two hours of practice table. However, in a recent interview, he said that he didn’t have intention do do it again in the next time. If you are a real fan of snooker, you may know clearly about the career of this player. He is known as one of the most brilliant English professional snooker player who comes from Essex. Throughout his life, he has been awarded many valuable prizes such as : five world championships, Masters Titles, seven UK championships,… He is admired by many people for his extraordinary talent as well as various skills in playing snooker. 

“ Before the Championship League, I didn’t appear much in any tournament so that not many people knew me at that time. I suddenly thought about doing something to make me become busier and this was the reason why I took up snooker as my new hobby to pursue. I have said to myself that was the time I should do something to boost me up and playing snooker has turned me into a new leaf. I have kept myself busy and do anything that I didn’t have chance to try before.” – Ronnie O’Sullivan shared his feeling o Instagram. “ I promise that I will try my best to gain the individual prizes in snooker in some upcoming tournaments”.

“ I hope that my family as well as fans around the world will become my big encouragement for me to build up my own career. Don’t worry about my ability to player snooker because I will have suitable timetable to practice everyday. Believe in me , I will comeback with flying colors ! “