According to a new post of Eurosport Uk, they give a good judgment to Judd Trump- who is an English professional snooker player and currently becomes the World Champion: “ In the sport known as Snooker which one single person is difficult to dominate, @judd147t is making a best performance and becomes a shining example”. 

On March,1st 2020, Trump becomes the youngest player to break a record of fifth ranking title when beating Bingtao in the Player Championship. Two weeks later, Ronnie O’Sullivan, the player that competed with Judd in the match said that he felt not very surprised by his breaking record because Judd is an brilliant snooker player. He ranked the top one in World list nowadays and absolutely established his reputation when winning six ranking events in the 2019-20 snooker season. 

Throughout his career, he has been awarded many valuable prizes in many different competitions such as World Open, International Championship, Player championships and even Tour championship. The consecutive winnings of Judd Trump are the best results for his hard working and determination in training to play snooker. Most of his colleagues show their admire to Trump when hearing that he repeatedly set more records. “ He is the most extraordinary player that I have ever met. The way he beats other opponents is unique and no one can play it” shared by O’Sullivan on his Instagram. Another one admitted that : “ Not only a skillful player he is but he also feels very confident every time he is on a match. He just focus on his target, pots and pots and scores quickly”. 

Along with Trump, there are many other best snooker players who has broken the world record and becomes the most popular in World snooker such as : Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis, John Higgins, Ray Reardon,…. If you are a big fan of this sport, you should have heard about them – the typical images of Snooker. In a recent interview, Trump shared his first feeling after becoming the champion that: “ I think I have possibility to create more than six ranking tournaments. Thanks to his confidence and his best talent, he is thought to have surpassed some fellow icons and being well-known as the world number one and the best player ever.