As you can probably know, we are undergoing a hard time and witnessing an economic crisis around the world. The rapid spread of COVID 19- a dangerous disease which originated from Wuhan has made a great effect on our whole life. All businesses have to be postponed until the virus is controlled effectively. However, in recent weeks, some sporting competitions have returned to remark a new milestone, especially the World snooker championship.

Ronnie O’Sullivan complains that snooker players are being compared with “lab rats” in this tournament because taking part in it can run the risk of becoming the victim of Coronavirus. In addition to that, he thinks about spectators who will directly attend the match may have a death wish.

O’Sullivan – a professional snooker player has achieved many individual prizes throughout his career. He made a good impression with international fans thanks to his five-time world champion. In an interview, he showed out his agreement towards Anthony Hamilton – his colleague about the fears for health in the upcoming event. Crucible – a destination where the 2020 World snooker championship will be taken place during the pandemic. 

“ What do you think when they are treating you like lab rats?”. “ They may do some tests on the crowds first whether COVID 19 is easy to spread to the community or not when a match is held. I think that in this period, entering into a room which has many people is very difficult for us. Anyone who cares about his health may feel afraid of getting a positive test for Coronavirus.” – He shared his thinking to the reporter. 

Replying to O’Sullivan ‘s comment, the representatives of the competition made a statement to explain all these fears. Many measures will be taken to protect players as well as spectators from being affected by the virus. People who have tickets and go to the stadium must wear face masks and test for COVID 19 before and after the match. What’s more, they have to maintain a physical distance between each other in order to prevent the virus from developing.