Rules when playing snooker for starters

Goal match

The snooker billiard game is played with 15 numbered red balls along with 6 different colored balls and 1 cue ball (white). The goal of the match is to hit the ball into the net pocket in order of score from low to high. The points value of the target balls are 1 – red, 2 – yellow, 3 – green, 4 – brown, 5 – blue, 6 – pink and 7 – black

The player must place the cue ball inside D – a half circle drawn in Baulk centered on Baulk and a radius of 292 mm.
In particular, the Baulk is a straight line parallel to the bottom and 737 mm from it is called the Baulk line and the space between it is called the Baulk.
Snooker rules

The player who makes his stroke must first play the red ball

A red ball is considered valid when:
The cue ball is not in the hole
Red target ball is pocketed
The cue ball first touches the red ball (not necessarily in the hole).
Cases occurred when the player hit the red ball:
Switches of play when the player does not pocket the ball
The player has the right to continue playing to improve the score with the requirement that the colored balls (optional) be played
Where the player can hit the ball:
The cue ball is not in the hole
If there are still red balls on the table, the player must play in pairs, ie one red and one colored ball intersects until there is no red ball on the table.
If the red ball is out of the table, the player is forced to play the colored balls in the order of the specified score from low to high

Colored strokes are considered valid:
Hit the target ball but the hole will be changed
If a player hits a colored ball in the net, he will score points corresponding to the color of the ball. If the red ball is still laying on the table, then the red ball will be played before the colored ball is played. If there are no more red balls, hit the colored balls according to the score from low to high.