Shocking news in the snooker village: Amateur defeats top world snooker player

Ronnie O’Sullivan – the world’s number 1 player with the championship odds of 1-50 (set to 50 to 1) had to taste bitter fruits before the opponent was set to win the championship at 500-1 (place 1 to 500) at the snooker world championship 2019.

James Cahill – a 23-year-old amateur snooker – admitted he was “barely able to stand up” by being thrilled to beat the world’s No. 1 opponent Ronnie O’Sullivan 10-8 in the first round of the World Championship snooker 2019 in the UK. This is really the seismic shock of the snooker village, especially after the Blackpool boy had to overcome 3 qualifiers to become the first amateur player to appear in the official tournament of the world championship.

Not being able to break into the world rankings and the 500-1 ratio, James Cahill has almost no hope to continue in the eyes of snooker fans because his opponent is aiming for the 6th world championship. Unexpectedly, James Cahill kept leading the score, from 5-4, 8-5 and won 10-8 with simple lines, while Ronnie O’Sullivan lost a chance to flip the table because of an easy situation.

Explaining this shocking defeat, Ronnie O Federalullivan blamed … the virus for robbing him of his strength and resilience. However, that action must not be enough to lighten the miracle of James Cahill, who was nicknamed “the grandson of the Emperor”.

Because to become the first amateur player to advance to the main round of the world championship, James Cahill has a long journey with the snooker, even if he belongs to the “son of his father, nephew” by mother – grandmother Maria was a top player in the 1980s and 1990s, and her aunt Mandy married Stephen Hendry, a 7-time world champion. Therefore, the “nephew of the Emperor” soon got acquainted with the snooker from just above the billiards table.

James Cahill also received great support from a family that his parents allowed him to stop going to school when he was 15 to hire a tutor to help his son travel.