The snooker is played with the white ball, 15 red balls and 6 balls of different colors. Each player must achieve the greatest possible set of points by alternating red and ball balls of different color.

Red marbles are worth a 1 point, the other marbles are worth a certain number of points depending on their color:

Yellow – 2 points – Green – 3 points – Brown – 4 points – Blue – 5 points – Rose – 6 points – Black – 7 points

Once pocketed, the red balls remain in their pockets. The remaining marbles are placed back on their point of origin until all the red balls have been pocketed. After the last red-ball enters, there is an obligation to pocket the colored marbles in increasing order of their numerical value. The winner will be the one with the most points at the end of the game.


Run a “safety” break (by breaking the triangle very little) because the pocket of a ball at the break is too random and may leave the opponent in an ideal position of attack.

The safety case is executed by lowering the white ball into the lower part of the pool table.

If it is impossible to pocket, consider a defensive move by leaving the white ball in an uncomfortable position for the opponent or by performing a snook.

The balls too far away, given the difficulty of pocketing them, will be more ideally played as a defensive blow by judiciously placing the white ball.

In the event that a player must touch a ball and fails to do so, for example following a snook, he gives his opponent 4 penalty points in case he plays a red, yellow, green or brown, and the value of the ball played in case he plays a ball of different color (if he plays the blue , 5 penalty points, one rose, 6 points, one black, 7 points.)

In this situation, his opponent has a double possibility of choice of game:

– or he takes the hand if he deems the position favorable for him,

– or he decides to ask the referee to reposition the balls in the previous snook situation and asks his opponent to play the shot again.

The material

The playing surface:

The playing surface consists of a slate covered with a sheet with dimensions of 3.5687m x 1.7778m. The delimitation of the playing surface is done by the opposition of rubber bands, fixed on a frame, 36 to 37 mm high.
The height of the pool between the ground and the upper surface of the frame should be between 0.8509 m and 0.8763m.

The marbles:

The number of synthetic logs and 52.5 mm in diameter is 22:

– the 15 red balls and 6 balls of different colors represent the goal balls,

– the 22ndE ball is white and it is called shock ball.

The pool cue:

The tail is made of wood and includes several parts:

– the process (leather) with a diameter of 8 to 9 mm,

virole (synthetic material),

– the arrow,

– the heel (or cask).
It must be at least 3 feet long or 910 mm
long. A 3/4 tail (see previous page) is recommended to fit a larger heel when the shock ball is too far away.