Snooker Tournaments

Many gamblers prefer to bet on the bigger snooker championships. The most talented professionals take part in these events. They already have a history of winning. This makes them attractive players to place wagers on.

World Snooker Championship

This is considered by many people to be the most important snooker event in the world. Winners will attain not only fame but a significant monetary prize. First established in 1927, the World Snooker Championship has evolved into a 17 day event. This gives gamblers plenty of matches to bet on. In the early days, Joe Davis dominated the sport. He won the first 15 World Snooker Championships.

UK Championship

Compared to the World Championship, this event is fairly new. It began in 1977 when it was called the United Kingdom Professional Snooker Championship. At the time only snooker players with British residencies could compete. The prize money was £2000. This has now increased to £170,000. Hundreds of players from all over the world take part. There is a huge amount of choice in terms of players to bet on.

Scottish Open

First called the International Open, this ranking event started in 1981. The venue has moved numerous times over the years to locations such as Derby, Newcastle upon Tyne and Edinburgh. It was renamed the Scottish Open in 1998. Gamblers should bear in mind that the majority of winners have been English or Scottish. However, there have been surprise wins from other countries.

World Open

This is another pro ranking tournament that has been given different names in the past. It has been previously known as the LG Cup, Snooker Grand Prix and Professional Players Tournament. Organisers have experimented with the event format several times. For instance in 2006 and 2007 an association football round-robin was used. This had the potential to pair up players with uneven talents, creating decent odds betting opportunities.