In a recent interview some days ago, the representatives of the World championship informed all of the spectators that some players decided to pull out of the competition for many different reasons. The 2020 World Snooker Championship is an important professional snooker tournament after COVID 19 which will be taken place for two weeks at Crucible Theater in Sheffield, England. Up to now, there was a list of top 16 best players who were deserved to participate in the world tournament. Qualifying rounds will be held on 21 July to pick out the most brilliant one who has good skills as well as high determination.

According to some journals from China, there were about ten players who agreed to quit their chances of taking part in the world tournament due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus around the world. Have you ever heard of Ding Junhui before? He is a professional snooker player from China who has been awarded many valuable prizes and treated as the most excellent player in the world. He missed the Coral Tour Championship last year due to his private reason. 

Marco Fu who is treated as the most excellent player with many individual prizes such as top 5 World player, three-time woman champion,… is among those who confirmed to withdrawn from the competition. Some other names such as Zhou Yuelong and many other players. In a statement, the header of the World Snooker Tour informed us that: We feel very disappointed about the spirit of players after the outbreak of Coronavirus. They don’t have enough encouragement to take part in any tournaments this year. They decided not to go to the UK to participate in the 2020 World Snooker Tournament and the beginning of the qualifying rounds will go as scheduled on 6 July. 

Although the impact of COVID 19 in the United States is increasing seriously, some sporting events are still being held but they have to comply with some measures of the government to control this dangerous disease. “ I believe that our competition will run smoothly because this was the great effort of hundreds of staff as well as players. We will have our own way to make everything possible and this will be an unforgettable memory for all of us. Although some players have dropped out of the tournament, there is also a majority of athletes who want to gain prizes and try their best to pursue their own dream.