If you are a big fan of snooker – an interesting sport which attracts a lot of people to play now, you may know about some famous snooker players of all the time. One of those is Stephen Hendry – the legend since he started taking part in snooker tournaments around the world. At the beginning of this month, he decided to retire after a long time working as a snooker player with a lot of valuable prizes. He received a world tour to participate in the World snooker tournament next year. He is admired by many international fans and has different nicknames such as : King of Crucible or Emperor of snooker.

He has many chances to be the official member of the World Championship and made various performances over the years. 147 breaks were all results he has gained which play an important role in establishing the reputation for the national team. Hendry had an intention to retire many years ago because he felt that his health is becoming worse and didn’t have the ability to play well anymore. “ In my point of view, the prize is treated as the most important thing for a player to pursue his dream. Although I have tried my best to contribute as much as I can, I didn’t have success. This was the reason that led to my current statement.”

Although he doesn’t continue playing snooker any more, he still keeps up his passion and works as a snooker supporter for young generations who have a big interest in this sport. He often travels around the world and become a commentator in different tournaments, especially in China. Here is one of the most appealing destinations that he has ever come because almost citizens here impress the way he played snooker when he was young. 

He also shared his thinking about the remarkable success of O’Sullivan who exceeded him: “ To be honest, I don’t feel very happy because he exceeded my prize. I don’t want to lose my World record and I hope that this title still stands forever. However, I hope that the younger generation will never give up their dream and contribute all the talent to the snooker team.