In this series that we have listed down, we will have more information about players who have many valuable prizes in Snookers of all the time. If you are a big fan in this sport, you should have heard about the reputation of them.

  1. John Higgins

He is a scottish professional snooker player who is well-known for his excellent talent in comparison with other opponents. He had four-time became the world champion  consecutively in 1998, 2007, 2009 and 2011. When he was young, he admitted that he very admired Steve Davis- who is a superstar in snooker. He then followed the way this professional player plays and becomes a vivid image of him. 

If you are finding a ultimate snooker expert, no one is suitable than John Higgins. Throughout his career, he has been achieved more than 30 ranking titles and be the second one after to Ronnie O’Sullivan has remarkable performance in all tournaments.

  1. Steve Davis

Davis is famous for his unique strategy in gaining the winning of all tournaments. Throughout his career, he became the dominant force and achieved a lot of world titles from 1981 to 1989. According to his colleagues, when he missed the champion or the chance to become the winer, he often feels disappointed and tries his best to do again. Little by little, thanks to his hard working and determination, he has established his reputation as one of the most professional snooker players of all the time.

  1. Mark Selby

He is also be known as an english professional snooker player who became the world champion for three- time. Like two other famous players before, he also had a thriving career that made a good impression for his fans. One of his remarkable performance was when he competed with Ronnie O’Sullivan to claim an 18-14 win. He is judged to be a patient competitor who can work under pressure and have good attitude with other opponents. He has done more than 600 amazing breaks which make him become the most influencers in snooker.

  1. Ray Reardon

Ray Reardon has world titles from 1970 to 1978 and became a famous snooker player of all the time. He also attracted many fans as the oldest person that take part in World snooker championship and had his ơn valuable prizes. Have you ever curious about the talent of O’Sullivan – who is master in billiards nowadays? Thanks to the teaching of Davis- a person that has many experience, his student in snooker has been awarded many medals and established his own reputation around the world. 

  1. Mark William

He is now in the age of 45 and also famous for the extraordinary talent in snooker. He has been awarded world champion in three years of 2000, 2003 and 2018. when hearing about him, all fans feel very exciting thanks to his remarkable performance. 

Can you guess who is the best one among 5 professional players ? Please give us a comment and then we can pick out the one that has highest votes!