WHAT IS SNOOKER? Why snooker is so popular?

Billiard sports have many different genres. Each category has a unique feature of the game, the number of marbles, the rules, the standard billiard table created for the players in a different way of excitement. But overall billiard subjects are mainly characterized by the player having to use a computational brain plus a lot of personal skills.
In addition to  Carom, Pool we can also type Snooker. What kind of snooker does this game play, how it works, what players need. So today we are together to find out what is Snooker? Why is Snooker billiard balls so popular?

Where does the Snooker come from?

Billiards have been around for many years and it was popular when Louis XI bought the first billiard table to play in the palace with the nobles. Gradually, people adjusted the game as well as the supplies to best suit.

The first person to create the Snooker billiard game was Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain in India in 1845, a game with simple rules.

The players must make 15 red balls with one of the other colors into the hole. Each red fruit corresponds to 1 point, each other colored fruit will be counted with the score from 2 to 7 points.
This Snooker is very popular in the UK and is strongly developed in the UK. Later was introduced to Southeast Asia.

As for Southeast Asia, it has a great influence from Europe so countries like Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia have extremely strong hands in this subject

Snooker is extremely important to external factors such as dust, humidity of the table surface, because these will affect the running of the ball.

When the sun hits the table, the ball will run faster, if it is cold, the ball will slow down. That’s why people often play Snooker billiards in rooms with curtains and a standard temperature of 18 degrees Celsius.

Before each match, the table surface will be vacuumed, dust and fabric covered. Professional players will use the 2-piece engine composed of oak. For clubs with this discipline, the snooker billiard tables will be placed in the most solemn position.

Career players often play in a tuxedo or a white shirt with a polite bow. In the UK, Thailand and China this sport is very popular. According to statistics, on British television it has broadcast 350 hours / year just after football.