In the recent years, Snooker is becoming more and more popular with many players around the world. Thanks to its creative play, people will be attracted to this sport by paying attention to it and think carefully about the way to get the highest scores. Have you ever wondered about which type of billiards is the most interesting one ? In order to share some information about this sport, we’ve listed out a rundown of some most well-known types from common to harder. 

  1. American Styles
  • Eight Ball: Before the match starts, each player has to choose a number of cue balls for himself. There are totally 15 balls on the billiards table including both stripe and plain one. The balls that be marked by number from 1-7 are plain and the others are stripe.To become the winner, player have to try their best to remove their balls into the hole as fast as he can. 

Cue balls in this type are fully setted in a triangle shape and the number 8 ball must be in the middle of this shape. After moving all other balls, the number 8 ball will be the main target. If you don’t want to face up to barroom brawl, make sure that you understand clearly the basic rules of this type.

  • Nine Ball : There is an important rule that most players should bear in mind if they choose to play this way. In the first hit, player can apply some personal skills to make the cue ball touch another which has the lowest number. 
  • Ten Ball : This way also has the same rule as the nine- ball. Furthermore, cue balls that in the holes don’t need to comply this rule.
  1. Carom

Carom is playing in a pocketless tables with the moderate dimension of 1.5 x3m (5x10ft) It includes one white cue ball for each opponent and one red object ball. This type demands good skills and players have to practice regularly if they want to become master in it.

  1. 15-ball Pool

Unlike the eight – ball, players try their best to get much points as they can. Cue balls which are number from 1-10 worth one points and the others from 11-15 will present for two points. ( the maximum score in a match is 20 ). The shooter has to pocket the ball and make it touch the lowest cue ball on the table. The winner will be the one who first reach the target that was setted up in the beginning of the match. 

  1. Playing billiards basing on Cards 

Before choosing this format, you should understand some basic rules of it. Your task is shooting the cue balls to the holes depending on cards in player’s hand. There are three main cards: Jack, Queen and King respectively present for 11, 12 and 13 points. You may become the winner if you first remove the ball onto the hole that has the same number with the card in your hand.