Hello everyone ! Welcome back to our official website : world snooker championship- how to place a bet on this sport. We think that all bettors who take part in this activity have to know about the rules of betting and have their own to to earn money successfully. This game is treated as one of the most important one every year where famous players from different nations can try their best to be achieved the prize. From the first event in 1927, it has developed rapidly and became the viral trend for players to pursue. If you are a newbie in this aspect, take a quick look at our post below !

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Q & A about World snooker championship

  1. When this event will be held ?

Every year, the competition also has an official date that never be changed until further notice. It will be held for 17 days in April and the last day must be the first monday in May.

  1. The place this event will take place.

From 1977 this competition were taken place in Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. This destination isn’t change and until now, many popular players still get together to participate in the event.

  1. What will winner receive in the competition ?

Some sponsors have supported this event over the years so that the prize is becoming more and more appealing. Here are some interesting awards that winners in recent years owned : Judd Trump took £500,000 £2,231,000 in 2019, Mark Williams collected £425,000,….

  1. Can spectators attend this event online ?

This event which includes 32 best players will be broadcasted through some viral programmes on TV such as: Eurosport and BBC. If you can not go out of your home , you need to prepare a smartphone or a laptop which have good Wifi connection. Eurosport is treated as the best coverage of World snooker championship which can bring you good quality of video. 

Some fans review that BBC is more perfect channel to believe in because it employs a lot of former players and the appearance of them will make this event become more successful. 

  1. Some betting tips of this sport

As you now, nowadays many people are hooked on betting sports, especially snooker. This means that there are more and more viewpoints about the best way to place a bet. Snooker is the easiest sport that players can get more historical information from many people who have success in this activity. With one click, you can search immediately and a lot of results will appear for you.