When should we take up a sport as our hobby ? According to some professionals, the sooner we get acquainted with it, the more opportunities we will have to become successful in the future. If you often update some world news about sports, you may hear that a 15-year-old boy whose name is Ben Mertens broke the record and became the youngest snooker player around the world to achieve the highest prize in World Championship. 

The Belgian player felt very surprised when he was the winner in a famous competition like this. He couldn’t believe that one day he would surpass one of the most well-known snooker players like James Cahill ( world number 106) with a nice result of 6-2. Although he is young and maybe doesn’t have much experience to cheat the opponent, he proved to all international fans that he has an extraordinary talent and best skills. While Cahill applied some runs of 82 and 90, Mertens still kept calm and overcome all the difficulties that he had faced up to. He made a good impression with the coaches as well as many spectators by getting the highest points at the English Institute of Sport ( 63,57). 

“ I have never thought that I would become a world champion before. This is such a great miracle for me and I feel very happy right now.”- shared by the world snooker champion Mertens. “ I can’t believe it but after all, I am very proud of myself for what I have gained in my career.”

In a recent interview, Mertens shared some interesting facts behind his victory: “ I think that standing in the current position right now is the biggest fortune in my life. Besides making a great effort when I was just a kid in Belgium, I also get some motivation from my idol- Luca Brecel who has achieved a lot of valuable prizes in this sport. I have watched all his performances on TV and I learned a lot of skills from him. I want to say thanks to my special person who encouraged me to pursue my big dream.” 

He remembered that when he was just eight years old, he took part in a toy snooker table in his hometown and became the winner. After that, he started realizing his talent and spent time practicing every day. Gery de Mol- one of his first coaches said that he would become a potential participant and make something special in the future. As a result, he is treated as the youngest snooker player around the world because hard work pays off. “ I hope that I will gain more individual medals and be supported by many people.”